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After an injury, many questions arise. Who will pay my hospital bills? Who will pay for my lost wages? Who will fix my car? When will my life get back to normal? Who can I trust? These are just a few of the questions that go through a person’s mind after he suffers a major personal injury. We will help you answer these questions.

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions change with every case. Every case is unique and presents its own challenges. However, one thing is certain. After an injury, you will be pitted against an insurance company. You will be contacted by a professional claims adjustor whose job is to save the insurance company money. Because of your injury, you may be vulnerable, frustrated, desperate for money, and scared. This is just what the insurance adjustor uses to his company's advantage to save the most money.

Because a personal injury victim has little chance of being treated fairly by the insurance company, we feel it is vital that all personal injury victims have a lawyer on their side. Whether you hire us or another experienced firm, you must have a lawyer to protect your interests. The claims adjustor may be friendly, but his one job is to protect the interests of the insurance company. It is our sole job to fight for you.

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